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The business case for LogLocker

Drowning in compliance data? LogLocker is a lifeline for people who use Microsoft Sentinel and need logs for regulatory, security and legal purposes.


Imagine trimming your logs down to just what you need, slashing storage costs and ensuring they're court-ready with ledger technology… and doing all this without leaving the comfort of your familiar Microsoft environment. Well, that’s exactly what LogLocker will do for you.

Let's explore how LogLocker will revolutionise how you think about data storage for compliance. 

Simplify compliance whilst reducing costs

LogLocker for Microsoft Sentinel is a log management app designed to solve compliance challenges by selectively archiving and retaining just the log data you need, thus reducing costs and storage complexity. It uses distributed ledger technology for long-term log preservation, ensuring defensible legal evidence. 

Integrated with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Sentinel, LogLocker makes for easy integration and requires no retraining for users familiar with Kusto Query Language. It's deployed on Azure, allowing for customisable data security and storage location, including options for multi-cloud storage.

LogLocker’s business benefits

If you’re the Head of Compliance, Security or Governance in a highly regulated sector like financial services, healthcare, life sciences, utilities or government, you will appreciate the value LogLocker brings to your organisation.

  • Slash costs, not corners: Keep your budget and your storage light by archiving only the logs you need - storing logs for longer and for a fraction of the price of other options.
  • Evidence, not just data: Turn your logs into undeniable evidence with cutting-edge ledger tech that makes your data both immutable and tamper-proof.
  • Seamless Sentinel synergy: Dive in within days rather than spending months getting ready - the LogLocker app sits tighter than a swim cap on top of Microsoft Sentinel.
  • Your cloud, your rules: Azure-hosted with a cherry on top: pick where your data sleeps, even if it’s a multi-cloud bed.
  • Query like a pro: No funky new data dialects here; you and your team can reuse the same Kusto Query Language that is the basis of your current Microsoft Sentinel queries.

LogLocker’s use cases in compliance

In our digital world, where trust and security are key ingredients of any self-respecting data strategy, LogLocker enhances Microsoft Sentinel's capabilities by ensuring long-term preservation of critical logs for compliance, brand protection and enabling confident deployment of AI systems like Microsoft Co-pilot. LogLocker makes it easy to reach the highest standards of trust, security and protection.

  • Digital trust and transparency. Microsoft Sentinel already helps security teams spot and capture logs related to potential compliance and security events - LogLocker preserves those logs for the years needed for compliance and reputation defence, not just a few months.​
  • Brand and reputation protection. LogLocker provides a cost-effective way to manage log data securely so logs can be preserved and rapidly resurfaced as digital evidence for compliance, security and reputational protection.​
  • Long-term retention of high-value logs. LogLocker ensures logs are preserved so that AI systems like Co-pilot can be deployed, used and governed with confidence.

LogLocker’s features

LogLocker integrates seamlessly with Azure, leveraging APIs and KQL for smooth operation with Microsoft Sentinel and other services, offering powerful data hunting, search, and collection capabilities. 

Integrated with Azure

  • API's and KQL  build make for easy integration with Microsoft Sentinel and other Microsoft services.​ 
  • Powerful hunting, search and collection capabilities

Deployed on Azure

  • Govern the security and location of data using configuration options. 
  • Includes Terraform, Kubernetes, Storage and Logic App. 
  • All Azure regions available.

Private blockchain storage

  • Ensures the secure preservation and tamper-proof immutability legal defence requires. 
  • Simple, searchable, cost-effective long-term storage.

But what if….

You already use native options such as Log Analytics and Azure Data Explorer? You might think you don’t need LogLocker…

Consider the limitations and costs of the options available. Have you looked closely at the cost and complexity of these where log data needs to be kept for years into the future? LogLocker filters and reduces data simplifying storage and controlling costs now and into the future. 

You don’t want to learn another tool? After all it’s hard to get to grips with new technologies and new languages.

LogLocker has been designed to integrate with your current Sentinel workflows. Using existing KQL, your team will be able to add the LogLocker automation to alerts and incidents, avoiding any need to learn new tools. 

We’re here to help you elevate compliance

LogLocker's innovative approach to log management within Microsoft Sentinel environments makes the app a beacon for organisations embroiled in the complexity of compliance and data management. 

LogLocker not only promises a significant reduction in storage costs and complexity but also ensures that your data remains secure, compliant, and ready for legal scrutiny with its ledger technology. 

For those steering the ship in compliance, security, or governance, LogLocker emerges not just as a tool but as a strategic solution, ready to transform how you handle data for digital trust, brand protection, and long-term analytical insight. 

With LogLocker, the future of log management is not just about saving costs—it's about elevating your organisation's data strategy to new heights of efficiency and reliability.



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