Protect data on a secure ledger

LogLocker offers multiple encryption methods including symmetric and threshold, so you can apply the appropriate security level to stored compliance records.


A secure private ledger 

LogLocker is built on Falkor, the enterprise blockchain platform, that provides a secure ledger on a permissioned network. The Loglocker platform is deployed into your infrastructure and inherits your security standards and controls.

This combination of your security, the blockchain architecture, and your retaining control of your data provides a highly secure solution for the storage and management of compliance audit logs.

Byzgen -Private Blockchain
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Private blockchain

Loglocker and the underlying blockchain architecture encrypt all data records making it difficult for unauthorized users to access the secure ledger records.

LogLocker uses a private blockchain making it virtually impossible for attackers to manipulate the blockchain due to the multi-party control and consensus mechanism. Additionally, the private blockchain is distributed only within the customer’s environment with fewer nodes allowing for enhanced monitoring and security.



All data transacted and stored by Loglocker is encrypted. Encryption is configured at a dataset level, providing granular control for both data stored on or off the private blockchain network. Encryption keys are further encrypted using a second encryption key stored on the private blockchain that is secure with a master encryption key.

The decryption of LogLocker data is only permitted by users that have the correct permissions that have been validated against the permissions stored on the private blockchain, ensuring data is protected from unauthorised or malicious access.

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