Interoperable data collection and storage

LogLocker provides extensive interoperability via published APIs to collect targeted data and audit logs from any cloud or on-premise enterprise application.

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LogLocker is designed and architected with interoperability at its core. In order to provide compliance teams with tangible efficiency gains it is essential to first be able to aggregate compliance data from multiple sources into a single compliance data repository.

Data sources are increasing exponentially together with the volume of data. This combined with increasing complex compliance and regulatory requirements makes the selection and aggregation of data items and records a key tool for compliance teams to be in control.

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LogLocker’s interoperability is achieved using a mature API allowing customers to rationalise the number of data connectors and complex integrations required to collect data from target applications or users in the enterprise environment.

APIs provide the gateway to LogLocker’s capability with all interactions being managed by the API layer allowing bi-directional integration with environments, applications and users for compliance and audit requirements. 


Data ingestion

LogLocker includes powerful data validation features to organise and classify data during the ingestion process to optimise data management, search and retrieval.

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Data ingestion

Powerful data validation

LogLocker's data validation features help you organise and classify data during the ingestion process to optimise data management, search and retrieval


LogLocker automatically recognises different versions of the same data item to provide an incremental immutable audit of the data. This ensures that the collection process is retrieving the latest version of the data and LogLocker is recording a provable audit of all actions on the source data such as reads, writes and user identity


Data records from separate sources can be linked. Links can be created, retrieved, and audited, offering compliance teams an additional retrieval property, independent of the data record. The separation provides the basis for proving a relationship between data records without exposing actual data records, maintaining data privacy.


Links are a key data privacy feature for scenarios where a regulator or third party needs proof that a relationship between records exists but the compliance team have a reason to withhold the data due to sensitivity reasons.


Tags created during ingestion apply definitions, enforce validation, and automate logic to data transacted in LogLocker. Tags are recorded with the data but managed independently of a record. They validate formatting, fields, characters and other data structures. LogLocker uses Tags to orchestrate the logic to be applied to data and whether it meets criteria that permit storage on the secure ledger.


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