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LogLocker empowers compliance teams with smart data search and retrieval capabilities that ensure information requests can be completed accurately and efficiently. To improve the efficient response and presentation of evidence to requesters or regulatory bodies, LogLocker offers a unique 3rd party access solution, making it possible to present specific evidence directly from the secure ledger, establishing trust and transparency.

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Data eDiscovery

LogLocker supports complex eDiscovery work and data retrieval, providing a high-performing search feature. This enables compliance teams and investigators to identify and retrieve specific data items and records from the secure ledger efficiently.

Further operational efficiencies result from aggregated search, allowing for data items and records from multiple data sources to be retrieved and presented in a single historical audit log. By aggregating the compliance data in LogLocker’s centralised, secure ledger, your compliance team avoids the time and effort required to aggregate data from multiple legacy log repositories after the eDiscovery process.

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Secure data sharing

LogLocker’s architecture promotes trust and transparency through enhanced data-sharing features. Using the distributed secure ledger design, LogLocker promotes traceable and audited direct access to the data items by regulators, 3rd parties, or partners. 

Direct 3rd party access to the secure ledger provides irrefutable proof addressing a growing challenge faced by compliance teams who are being questioned as to how the evidence and retrieved data were collected and assembled for legal presentation. Without these essential supporting audit logs being available in an immutable format, the eDiscovery evidence presented can often be brought into question, casting doubt over its accuracy, authenticity, and lineage.


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