LogLocker for eDiscovery

Enhance eDiscovery integrity with LogLocker

LogLocker, powered by the trusted FALKOR blockchain platform, gives compliance, legal and external teams an immutable and defensible solution to build rock solid trust into your Production and Presentation of ESI.

LogLocker records eDiscovery

Build unbeatable trust in your eDiscovery process with blockchain technology

In the intricate landscape of legal and regulatory proceedings, ensuring you can prove the integrity of electronically stored information (ESI) shapes better outcomes for businesses.

Thanks to a proven blockchain backbone and simplified integration, LogLocker creates a clear, searchable and immutable record of how your ESI has been processed during eDiscovery and forensic investigation.

Current challenges in eDiscovery

Ensure ESI is defensible for legal proceedings

LogLocker provides a robust solution to safeguard information and ensure compliance, particularly in the vital Production and Presentation stages of the EDRM model, where challenges to ESI integrity can directly shape the outcomes to litigation or investigations.

LogLocker for eDiscovery

How LogLocker builds trust in the Production and Presentation of ESI


Defensible immutability

LogLocker monitors ESI production and records data actions, securely, on the FALKOR blockchain platform, so you can show that your data and information has remained unaltered and transparent throughout the eDiscovery process.


Cost-efficiency and transparency

Reduce costs and streamline eDiscovery by reducing complexity and auditing tasks at each stage of the EDRM model. Production logs can be consolidated into clear reports with tools like Power BI and ElasticSearch.


Microsoft integrations

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Purview, Sentinel, and other components of the Microsoft ecosystem, enhancing workflow continuity, compliance chain-of-custody and simplified data management.


Enhanced security capabilty

Blockchain technology ensures all actions and events are securely recorded using consensus-based replicas and cryptographically signed blocks. This replication removes any risk of data tampering, so the logs are defensible and secure.


Improved transparency

The secure ledger offered by the blockchain backbone provides a secure traceable means for sharing of eDiscovery activities, providing transparency and building trust among legal teams, clients, and the judicial system.


High data volumes, handled

LogLocker is able to monitor, process and store high velocity data processes, making it the perfect match for the magnitude of data involved in modern eDiscovery cases, and the torrent of data AI technology generates.


A user-friendly experience

Quick setup and an easy-to-use interface, leveraging already familiar business reporting applications, ensures that your teams can start collecting, securing and reporting data without a steep learning curve.


Trusted technology

LogLocker is powered by FALKOR, ByzGen's blockchain platform, used by industry leaders like Atos, IBM, and major financial service businesses to handle their most sensitive data.


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