Manage and maintain data in line with regulations

LogLocker’s distributed architecture and storage capabilities mean compliance teams can manage data in ways that respect data sovereignty and regional regulatory requirements. Storage can be configured in a public cloud or on-premise environment. LogLocker’s distributed secure ledger architecture offers enhanced preservation and redundancy options.

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Configure data

LogLocker uses datasets to manage configuration at scale in order to govern how data types are handled when transacted into the secure ledger. 

Dataset configuration governs how data is to be stored (on-blockchain or off-blockchain), the type of encryption, the permissions associated with the data, and any additional logic that needs to be applied.

Datasets allow LogLocker to be responsive to new data sources and data types, empowering compliance teams to rapidly respond to new regulatory requirements and any associated data needing to be collected and stored.  

LogLocker's management features include a granular audit trail of all actions and changes within the private blockchain. All audit logs are encrypted and secured via distributed permission objects and handled as a validated transaction on the private blockchain, creating a retrievable immutable audit log.

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Manage access and permissions

LogLocker includes a granular identity and access management solution that manages permissions and access to the secure ledger and the stored data.

Permissions are changeable data structures that are transacted on the blockchain allowing an owner of a dataset to create permission objects with network permissions and identities that have read or write access. All permission object updates are logged as transactions on the core blockchain, providing a full immutable audit of any changes made.

In addition to LogLocker’s permissioned network architecture, data preservation is configurable through the number of secure ledger nodes enabled in combination with the preferred storage type, storage location, and available vendor storage redundancy options. LogLocker’s extensive data preservation options offer you the flexibility to architect the solution to your own storage and redundancy preferences.


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