Cybersecurity investigations

LogLocker’s distributed ledger and irrefutable records provide a complementary tool for cyber security teams. By collecting and preserving audit logs, organisations can collect and preserve suspicious activity, investigate security incidents, and ensure compliance with regulations.

LogLocker for cybersecurity investigations

Insights from audit

Audit logs are an integral source of information for the security operations centre (SOC) and cybersecurity teams working to protect organisations. They provide valuable insights and evidence that support cybersecurity staff and compliance investigators.


LogLocker for cybersecurity investigations

Get valuable insights and evidence for investigations

Detect suspicious activity

Audit logs can be used to identify unusual or unexpected behaviour on a system or network. For example, if a user logs in from an unusual location or at an unusual time, or if there is a sudden spike in traffic to a particular server, this could be a sign of malicious activity.

Investigate security incidents

If a security incident does occur, audit logs can be used to investigate what happened and how it happened. This information can be used to remediate the incident and prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Ensure compliance

Many regulations require organisations to implement audit logging to ensure compliance. For example, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires organisations to log all access to cardholder data.

LogLocker for cybersecurity investigations

An invaluable tool for cybersecurity

LogLocker collects and preserves long-term audit logs and event data to support cybersecurity and compliance activities. Here's how:

User access

LogLocker can store the audit logs of all user’s identities and access tracking, recording which applications have been accessed, by whom, and when. The access records for an employee's tenure can be recorded for HR purposes in specific circumstances. Preserving this data on a secure ledger provides cybersecurity and compliance with an irrefutable record that can be used in future investigations where historical records are vital for legal defence.

File and system changes

LogLocker can be used to track and store changes to critical files and systems. This can help detect and provide a historical record of unauthorised changes that may have been made by malware or malicious actors. It is becoming increasingly important for organisations to be able to investigate and report details of an event to regulators, investors, partners and customers after a cybersecurity event to restore trust and reputation.


LogLocker can be used to investigate security incidents. For example, audit logs can be used to identify which files were accessed and by whom if a data breach occurs. This information can be used to remediate the breach and prevent similar breaches from happening in the future.


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