Shrink costs, eliminate complexity, build trust

LogLocker is a long-term log storage solution for compliance teams, deployed as an app that is simple to use and a fraction of the cost of traditional database backed systems. 

Built on blockchain LogLocker promotes trust with defensible data-backed proof for your customers, regulators and partners. 

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Why LogLocker?

Add a blockchain-based compliance layer to your enterprise applications

However complex your ecosystem of data and regulations, proactively build trust with regulators and customers by providing rapid, irrefutable evidence using LogLocker's immutable record of data and events.


Cost-effective data archiving

Dramatically reducing your long-term log archiving costs means you can keep more data for longer, providing the basis for proof and analysis beyond the 90-day period that most logs are kept for.


Searchable and secure data

LogLocker makes retrieval quick and easy through powerful search. Secure permissioned 3rd party access to records, creating trustworthy relationships with partners, regulators and customers.


Simple yet scalable governance

Simple to integrate, quick to deploy, and easy to use, LogLocker eliminates complexity through automation and a logic-based approach.


Build trust in AI

LogLocker provides the basis for tracking and recording how AI accesses and uses data. With simple log storage you can make decisions and data associated with AI trustworthy and transparent.


Secure your data

Data committed to LogLocker is tamperproof in perpetuity thanks to a decentralised blockchain-based architecture that uses consensus-based replicas and cryptographically signed blocks.


Defend your reputation

Thanks to LogLocker's secure ledger, you can avoid financial losses and protect your brand. It provides irrefutable proof to support the presentation of information required for legal defence and compliance.

Built by ByzGen the blockchain experts trusted by global leaders

"Our partnership with ByzGen is a perfect example of why it is important to work with a proven partner who understands how they can help us as a progressive digital transformation partner."  
Daniel Sinni, Global Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Eviden
The future of compliance

Regulatory technology powered by blockchain

  • Collect & Store

  • Secure & Encrypt

  • Manage & Preserve

  • Retrieve & Share

Byzgen -Connected Apps

Extensive interoperability via published APIs 

LogLocker collects targeted data and audit logs from any cloud or on-premise enterprise application.

LogLocker’s data management functionality processes your collected data and applies your policies that classify, tag, version, and permission data before committing it to your secure, private ledger for storage.

Byzgen -Private Blockchain

Multiple encryption options protect stored data

Encryption options include symmetric and threshold, ensuring LogLocker can apply the appropriate data security level to your stored compliance records. This creates a highly secure solution for storing and managing compliance audit logs.


Distributed architecture and storage

LogLocker's architecture and storage enable your compliance teams to manage data in ways that respect data sovereignty and regional regulatory requirements

Storage can be configured in a public cloud or on-premise environment - LogLocker’s distributed secure ledger architecture offers enhanced preservation and redundancy options.

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Smart data search and retrieval capabilities 

Empower your compliance team with smart data search and retrieval capabilities so information requests are completed accurately and efficiently

To improve the efficient response and presentation of evidence to requesters or regulatory bodies, LogLocker offers a unique 3rd party access solution, making it possible to present specific evidence directly from the secure ledger, establishing trust and transparency. 

The compliance solution for Microsoft Sentinel 

Connected to Microsoft Sentinel via APIs, data and event log collections are recorded on LogLocker's secure digital ledger.


Need answers?

Why use a private blockchain for compliance?

Private blockchain is ideal for compliance requirements because of its inherent characteristics of transparency, immutability, and traceability.

  • Transparency: Blockchain is a distributed ledger, which means that all transactions are recorded on a private network and are only visible to permitted users. This makes it very difficult to tamper with or falsify data, as any changes would be immediately evident to all users, including 3rd parties such as regulators or partners.
  • Immutability: Once data is added to a blockchain, it cannot be changed or deleted. This makes it a perfect solution for storing records that need to be tamper-proof, such as audit logs, compliance records, or information archives.
  • Traceability: Blockchain allows for the tracking of data back to its source. This can be helpful for compliance purposes, such as tracing events and actions for an investigation or legal response.

With increasingly complex compliance requirements and growing quantities of data needing to be collected and stored, private blockchain technology is ideally suited for the emerging challenges faced by compliance teams.

What is Falkor?

LogLocker is built on FALKOR, the enterprise blockchain platform created by technology provider ByzGen, which is trusted by businesses like Atos, Rolls-Royce and GSK, who need a proven solution for sharing, storing and tracking sensitive data.

FALKOR is a mature and feature-rich blockchain platform that provides LogLocker’s underlying private blockchain network and allows customers access to a highly secure and market-tested compliance solution designed for future demands.

What does LogLocker cost?

Loglocker is offered as Platform as a Service (PaaS) and is charged as an annual subscription licence. LogLocker is deployed into the customer's environment to satisfy security and data ownership requirements therefore, the required infrastructure is provided by the customer.

How quickly can LogLocker be deployed?

LogLocker is deployed via Terraform and can be deployed into the customer’s environment in under an hour.

Where can a LogLocker subscription be purchased?

LogLocker can be purchased via one of our accredited partners or alternatively from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace or Microsoft AppSource.

Please contact us for further details.


One tool for all your compliance data